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Gryphon Cobra Chrome P25


Gryphon Cobra Chrome P21

Bringing to Intermediate players that refined power to hit the distance you need while also incorporating the energy reduction system (ERS) to get you a nice soft touch on the ball so you can execute any skills you need at any time. A great range to set yourself up and get ready to take on the next level or cruise through the hockey fields at your own tempo.
  • Cultivated to offer magnificent feel when hitting and controlling
  • Reduces impacts vibrations and eliminates discomfort
  • Low curve assists improve aerial ball skills
  • 40% Carbon Quotient
  • Fiberglass, Kevlar and Cork composition with controlled power
  • Developed to ensure delivery of superior ball passing
  • Comes with an Energy Reduction System technology
  • Short head shape allows good speed around the ball
  • Designed with nice soft touch when trapping and hitting the ball