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Gray Nicolls Vapour Academy Cricket Bat

First bats won’t come much better than the Vapour 1.0 Academy bat. That’s exactly what this bat will be to hundreds of cricketers who are making their first steps in the game. With a design inspired by England star Ollie Pope, if your child likes an eye-catching blue design then this will be the bat for them. The bat has a low, large middle, but remains perfectly weighted for a youngster thanks to our innovative shaping. We’ve finished the bat with an Extratec sheet to prolong the life of the face, meaning you won’t need to oil the bat before you use it. - Bow: Low - Profile: Large hitting area with mid to low sweet spot, long sweeping spine and edges - Face: Rounded - Powercurve face - Finish: Extratec sheet, Protectoe - Pick up: Lower balance point to generate power and bat speed, innovative shaping ensures outstanding pick up - Edges: Large edges to match the spine - Toe: Square - Handle: Semi Oval - Grip: Zig zag for light and grippy feel -English Willow