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Gray Nicolls Prestige Cricket Bat

The Prestige cricket bat has everything a Gray-Nicolls bat should have. Fantastic performance. Beautifully clean aesthetic. Excellent, English grown willow. The design of the Prestige is upgraded for this season, making the stickers for cleaner, classier look. The Prestige cricket bat continues with the iconic red and silver checks, which perfectly compliment the pristine natural willow. The Prestige has a mid-blade profile which makes it the perfect partner to players equally adept at playing forwards or back. Offering a sustained sweet spot, the Prestige – a dream from high-level club players – has a beautifully balanced pick-up andgives fantastic value for shots. Made with high-quality English Willow, grown and felled near our home in Robertsbridge, every Gray-Nicolls Prestige bat is quality controlled before it is shipped to you. We are 100% confident you'll be delighted with your new Prestige cricket bat, and we can't wait to hear about the results you achieve with it. - Classic Gray-Nicolls design with silver and white checked stickers and modern, streamlined central sticker - Mid-blade swell for players of all styles, promising a sustained sweet spot across the blade - Balanced pick-up and slightly off-set profile cater to all cricketers - Consistent look and feel across the entire Classic collection - Traditional Gray-Nicolls stickers - Hand-crafted by our master bat makers - Quality controlled in Robertsbridge - Made with the finest quality English willow - Finish: Natural blade - Semi-oval handle for comfort and complete control

Gray Nicolls Alpha Gen 1.0 150 Cricket Bat

The Alpha 1.0 150 is here, offering fantastic value for money and packing a serious punch. The huge, mid-high middle will give you maximum value for shots, allowing you to hit boundaries all around the ground on a regular basis. That middle doesn’t weigh the bat down however, in fact the high balance point of the bat ensures pick-up is unbelievably light. It’s not all about power shots; our Powercurve face gives you amazing feel, allowing you to hit the gaps that others can’t. The Alpha’s stickers perfectly fit the name. Bold, brave and in your face. They build to a stirring crescendo at the centre of the bat where the true power lies. Combine value and performance this season with the Alpha 1.0 150 adult cricket bat. - Bow: Mid - Profile: Mid blade profile with exaggerated spine profile that enhances pick up with no compromise on size - Face: Rounded - Powercurve face - Finish: Willow effectsheet, protectoe - Pick up: Mid to high balance point creates feather light pick up - Edges: Large edge profile - English Willow - Handle: Semi Oval - Grip: Zig zag, light and grippy

Gray Nicolls Select Batting Pads

The Select Batting Pad promises a beautiful look with high level contemporary performance. this classic cane fronted pads offers great levels of protection against fast bowling. The 3D poly armour knee cup with EVA allows for great flexibility, while the dual density vapour and diffuser foam keep the pad super light without losing any levels of protection. The HDF side wing offer fantastic coverage when getting into less traditional positions – perfect for the modern game, while the PVC instep will protect and stand the test of time, ensuring these pads remain value for money. - Features: Classic styling, lightweight protection with a premium finish. - Protection Materials: Classic cane fronted pad with multi layer internal protection. - Internal: 3D poly armour knee cup with EVA, dual density vapour and diffuser foam shin bolster, 20mm HDF side wing. - Materials: PU, breathable mesh shin bolster, durable PVC instep.

Gray Nicolls Team 350 Wheelie Bag

The third largest offering in our new Team luggage collection is the compact offering: The GN350 Wheelie Bag. At 115 litres, there is plenty of storage space in this bag, especially for the junior cricketer with smaller amounts of kit compared to their adult counterparts. A large main storage compartment is complimented by a separate shoe pocket, with the dual benefit of keeping spikes away from other kit and making them easy to reach. You’ll be able to comfortably store bats inside the main pocket of the bag, along with pads, gloves and helmet, while a deluxe wheelie system makes this a great value for money wheelie option. - Compact mid-level wheelie bag - Large main storage area - Large main pocket for equipment - Extra-long pull handle - Deluxe wheel system - Size: 88cms x 36cms x 36cms

Gray Nicolls Elite Helmet

Our Elite Junior helmet is a brilliantly performing product designed specifically for young players playing hardball cricket for the first time. The traditional helmet comes with a reinforced peak, ensuring extra protection and security if the ball does hit the most prominent part of the product. It has a factory fitted Elite grille, we ensure that the grille is securely fastened to the helmet, removing any chance of user error when fitting the item together. Our junior helmet comes fitted with an Internal Adjustment System (ISA) which allows the user to adjust the size of the helmet and ensure it fits snuggly to the head for added security. Conforms to the ICC's testing standards and guidelines. - Lightweight and high performance - Traditional helmet with reinforced peak for extra protection - ISA (Internal Adjustment System) allows helmet to fit precisely - Factory fitted Atomic grille ensures secure fastening and protection - Conforms with all ICC helmet testing and guidelines

Gray Nicolls Club Collection Batting Gloves

If you are playing club cricket every week and want a high level glove to walk to the crease with, try our new Club Collection batting glove. Designed for cricketers around the world, the Club Collection is designed for everyone, bringing in high-end protective materials without breaking the bank. The gloves have a tradition look and design, with pre-curved fingers that are ready to wear straight from the packet. The fingers mix 3D and Fibre Shield to provide casing on key fingers, helping reduce the impact from any nasty hits. Lightness is guaranteed thanks to our ultra light padding and soft feel vapour foam, which also ensures great comfort levels. Duo layer side bar protection works in conjunction with an EVA shielding bar to give you piece of mind while batting; even the most inventive shots will be protected. Finished off with a premium leather palm and a double sided sweat band to mop your brow after reaching a century, the Club Collection batting gloves tick every box required of them to keep your performance levels high. - Features: Traditional pre curved finger design, with mix of 3D and Fibre shield overlay casing on key fingers, classic construction and styling - A pro level glove for the club cricketer - Protection Features: Tri-layer: Curved 3D Fibre shield, ultra light traditional padding combined with soft feel vapour foam for comfort - Side Bar Protection: Duo Layer, EVA Shielding bar - Materials: Mid Grade PU, premium leather palm, double sided sweat band

Gray Nicolls Vapour Academy Cricket Bat

First bats won’t come much better than the Vapour 1.0 Academy bat. That’s exactly what this bat will be to hundreds of cricketers who are making their first steps in the game. With a design inspired by England star Ollie Pope, if your child likes an eye-catching blue design then this will be the bat for them. The bat has a low, large middle, but remains perfectly weighted for a youngster thanks to our innovative shaping. We’ve finished the bat with an Extratec sheet to prolong the life of the face, meaning you won’t need to oil the bat before you use it. - Bow: Low - Profile: Large hitting area with mid to low sweet spot, long sweeping spine and edges - Face: Rounded - Powercurve face - Finish: Extratec sheet, Protectoe - Pick up: Lower balance point to generate power and bat speed, innovative shaping ensures outstanding pick up - Edges: Large edges to match the spine - Toe: Square - Handle: Semi Oval - Grip: Zig zag for light and grippy feel -English Willow

Gray Nicolls Pro Performance Dual Thigh Guard

New to the Gray-Nicolls protection collection, the 360 Pro Performance Thigh Pad promises comfort and performance on another level. Made with a combination of 12mm high density moulded EVA and 6mm Vapour foam, the 360 Pro Performance thigh pad will reduce the impact from the world’s fastest bowlers to give you the piece of mind to focus on the job of scoring runs. Designed to ergonomically fit the body, this all-in-one thigh pad is sure to be a key item in the kit bags of cricketers across the world this summer. - Protection Features: Leather cover - 12 mm High Density EVA moulded - 6mm Vapour foam for soft feel - Poly Armour Top Layer

Gray Nicolls Velocity 4.0 Spike

The new Velocity 4.0 shoe is the latest in one of our best selling shoe families, and promises fantastic performance and value for money. The shoe features a lightweight fluid fit upper which is an innovative breathable upper that ensures the foot stays fresh and comfortable, with the stretch mesh that’s supported and stablised with welded technology,, while our Powerband tech wraps foot in place. Our blown rubber outsole features nine strategically placed spikes for best grip and performance, combined with a shock absorbing rubber base. The Haipoli Pro footbed dissipates impact shock waves to reduce stress on the joints, while our EVA performance midsole features torsional TPU midfoot support. Get a shoe that performs this summer with the Velocity 4.0 spike. - Upper: Fluid Fit Plus upper - Lightweight Fluid Fit upper, Powerband, Blown rubber outsole with EVA performance midsole. - Outsole: Blown Rubber Outsole - Midsole: EVA performance Midsole - Footbed: Haipoli pro

Gray Nicolls Team 350 Duffle Bag

The new GN350 Duffle Bag is sure to be a popular choice among junior cricketers this summer, with fantastic storage options. With a storage size of 115 litres, you’ll be able to fit lots of cricket kit in the bag including pads and helmet. We’ve included a separate elasticated bat pouch to keep your bat safe, while a separate shoe pocket keeps sharp and dirty studs away from your precious kit. Featuring a paddle double strap for carrying, the features on the GN350 Duffle Bag belie its price tag – get one while you can. - Compact mid level duffle - Large main storage area - Large pockets for equipment - Internal bat storage - Additional side pockets - Padded double strap design - Size: 88cm x 36cm x 36cm

Gray Nicolls Ultimate Batting Pads

The Ultimate batting pads never dip in quality regarding design or performance. The front features a cane rod bolster, giving the user fantastic protection from fast bowling and is also lightweight, which is crucial for young players looking to maintain their mobility. Mobility is further aided by the three-section design with diffuser foam, allowing increased flexibility from each area of the batting pad, working in conjunction with the batsmen's movements. The ¾ length Diffuser foam wing, designed to guard the user against deliveries that can cannon into the side of the leg or knee – a fantastic solution to what can be a painful problem. The Cashmillon and Diffuser foam instep ensure ultimate comfort, even after a long day of batting. It is soft and supple, but also gives yet another fantastic layer of protection around the delicate shin and top of the foot area. - Ideal for juniors or lower level club players - Cane rod bolster for excellent performance on entry-level product - Three section design with HD diffuser foam for fantastic flex and durability - ¾ length Diffuser foam wing gives added protection at the side of the pad - Cashmillon and Diffuser foam instep for comfort and protection

Gray Nicolls Atomic Helmet

Our Atomic helmet is a brilliant choice to ensure you remain safe playing the game you love. This helmet maximises protection while remaining lightweight. The head is the most critical body part when batting, dictating your body's movement, so the lighter the helmet can be, the better chance you have of succeeding at the crease. This traditional helmet comes with a reinforced peak, adding extra strength and durability. The Internal Adjustment System provides the user with the ability to fit the helmet precisely to their head, meaning it will fit securely and safely. The Atomic comes with a factory fitted Atomic grille, ensuring that it is fixed in place correctly and securely. The grille is lightweight but highly protective. This helmet conforms to ICC helmet testing and guidelines. - Ideal for junior and club cricketers - Traditional helmet with a reinforced peak for extra protection and durability - ISA (Internal Adjustment System) to allow the helmet to fit precisely to the player - Factory fitted Atomic grille ensures secure fastening and protection - Conforms with all ICC helmet testing and guidelines

Gray Nicolls Velocity 4.0 Rubber

The new Velocity 4.0 rubber shoe delivers consistent and comfortable performance, perfect for all surfaces, specifically artificial nets and indoors.The XTRA DURA+ outsole is ideal for all surfaces, but these will be particularly useful throughout the winter when training indoors or when in the artificial nets in the summer. Our Fluid Fit Plus upper is an innovative breathable upper that ensures your foot stays fresh and comfortable, supported and stable. Hit the ground running in training with the Velocity 4.0 rubber soled shoe. - Lightweight Fluid Fit upper, Powerband, GPlus LP rubber outsole, EVA performance midsole - Outsole: Gplus LP Outsole: Low profile XTRA DURA+ rubber outsole – ideal for all surfaces including nets and indoor - Midsole: EVA performance Midsole with torsional TPU midfoot support - Footbed: Haipoli pro: Dissipates impact shock waves to reduce stress on the joints - Upper: Fluid Fit Plus upper: Innovative breathable uppers ensures the foot stays fresh and comfortable with the stretch mesh and supported and stable with the welded - technology, Powerband tech wraps foot in place. - Player Level: All levels

Gray Nicolls Team 150 Duffle Bag

The Gray-Nicolls Team 150 Duffle Bag is ideal for young cricketers. Despite its compact size of 92 litres, this duffle offers ample space to store all their gear, including a separate bat pouch, lined valuables pocket, and mesh section for a water bottle. Plus, the padded double strap ensures a comfortable and enjoyable carrying experience. - Padded double strap design - Side pocket for a bat - Additional side pockets - Size: 75 x 35 x 35cm - Large main storage area

Gray Nicolls Alpha Batting Pads

The Alpha Pad is here. This amazingly priced legguard offers so much protection that you won’t find a better value for money option. The traditional cane fronted design will offer top level protection, reducing impact therefore allowing you to focus exclusively on batting.A one-piece knee roll with ergonomic stitch detail will move with you at the crease, whether you are on the front or back foot. Our diffuser foam shin bolster and padded instep offer further protective coverage, ensuring this pad covers all eventualities when it comes to keeping you safe at the crease.

Gray Nicolls Alpha Warrior Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

The Alpha Warrior cricket bat is perfect for junior players taking part in soft ball cricket, or taking their first steps into hard-ball. The bat has the same design as the full sized adult versions, so your youngster can feel like they are playing with the same bat as their heroes Zak Crawley and Haseeb Hameed. The bat features a mid blade sweetspot, which will allow your child to strike the ball to all parts. An even balance point keeps the pick-up light which is perfect for youngsters that are still growing. This bat has a round handle which will be super comfortable for small hands, while the Matrix grip enables great purchase. - Bow: Even - Mid - Profile: A classic mid blade sweet spot - Face: Rounded - Powercurve face - Finish: Fibre Tape Cover - Pick up: Mid to high balance point creates feather. light pick up - Edges: Large edge profile - Handle: Round - Grip: Matrix - Pre-prepared - Kashmir Willow

Gray Nicolls All In One 360 Dual Thigh Guard

For cricketers that want high-level protection and freedom of movement at the crease, the All-In-One 360 Thigh Pad delivers. It comes with a waist strap that is fully adjustable, allowing you to adapt it depending on comfort preference or regardless of size. An inner thigh guard offers further protection and can save you from a painful blow. We've designed the thigh pad to be flexible, allowing batsmen to move freely while in action. Too many all in one pads restrict movement - the 360 Thigh Guard by Gray-Nicolls definitely won't. A Lycra covering ensures a breathable flexi-fit, ensuring that even in the heat of battle, batsmen will remain cool allowing them to focus on their game. - Ideal for club cricketers looking to upgrade their protection - Fully adjustable waist strap and built-in inner thigh guard - Flexible design allows for protection and movement - Lycra covering for breathable, flexi-fit - Dual Level Protection

Gray Nicolls GN400

Club cricketers around the world have a go-to glove thanks to the GN400 batting gloves. Designed with comfort, performance and style in mind these excellent batting gloves are also fantastic value. The batting gloves are multi-sectioned, which is the style favoured by the modern professional players as it offers improved flexibility – so important in the modern game. Use of high-density foam throughout the glove gives great protection but also makes these gloves as light as possible. Meanwhile our soft feel vapour foam ensures supreme levels of comfort for the wearer. Protection-wise these gloves won’t let you down in club cricket, with an EVA Shielding bar on the side to help prevent any balls that get a bit big from causing major impact. - Playing Level: Club - Features: Lightweight multi-sectioned design featuring pre curved High density foam section with layer of soft fill vapour foam - Protection Features: Duo-Layer – High Density foam Sections with layer of soft feel vapour foam for comfort - Side Bar Protection: Three sectioned EVA Shielding bar - Materials: Mid Grade PU, leather palm, double sided sweat band

Gray Nicolls Hypernova Thunder Bat

Get the bat of their heroes this summer with the Hypernova 1.0 Thunder cricket bat. Your youngster has been watching the likes of Ollie Pope and Sam Billings – now get them their bat as they take on all comers this summer. With stunning design, the Hypernova stands out from a crowd with design kids everywhere will love. Tonal blues combine with a metallic red and fluro yellow to give this bat a unique look. The bat’s mid-low middle will help with the pick-up and weight distribution, giving your youngster the best chance to succeed at the crease. - Pre-prepared - Profile: Large hitting area with mid to low sweet spot, long sweeping spine and edges - Face: Flat Face for increased profile - Pick up: Lower balance point to generate power and bat speed, innovative shaping ensures outstanding pick up - Edges: Large edges to match the spine - Handle: Semi Oval - Grip: Traction Grip - High performance maximum grip - Kashmir Willow

Gray Nicolls Vapour GN200 Batting Pads

The new GN200 Batting Pad is the perfect choice for junior cricketers this summer. This ambidextrous pad offers a great level of protection at a reasonable price – the perfect combination for parents. Safety is paramount at all times, and with our seven vertical rod combined with foam shin bolster, you will barely feel the ball when it hits you in the leg, even against fast bowling. The use of vapour foam on the shin, and diffuser foam on the knee keep the weight of this pad right down, which is crucial for junior cricketers. A cane rod instep adds another layer of protection to what can be a painful area if struck, while the smaller 2 inch calf strap is ideal for smaller legs. - Playing Level: Junior/Club - Features: Seven vertical section rod design with foam shin bolster - Protection Materials: Vapour foam shin bolster, diffuser foam knee, cane rod instep. - Internal: Vapour foam shin bolster - Materials: PVC cover, cotton shin bolster, 2 inch calf strap - Protection: 2 star

Gray Nicolls Alpha 200 Batting Gloves

The Alpha GN200 Gloves are lightweight and ideal for club or junior cricket. They feature a split finger design which have the dual benefits of fantastic fit and comfort. The gloves feature a duo layer of foam – impact and diffuser – which ensure any impact is negated, perfect peace of mind for a parent watching their child at the crease. We’ve used a lightweight synthetic material to ensure we keep these gloves as easy to use as possible. Grade three leather palms will be durable even after a season’s use, ensuring these gloves provide great value for money. - Playing Level: Club - Features: Lightweight split finger design for excellent fit and comfort - Protection Features: Duo-layer: Lightweight high impact foam, diffuser foam - Side Bar Protection: Shield EVA - Materials: Lightweight synthetic, grade three leather palm, double sided wrist band

Gray Nicolls International 2pc Ball

Our international 2pc construction cricket ball perfect for your next visit to the oval. - 2 piece contruction - International ball - Contrasting topstitching

Gray Nicolls Power Batting Pads

The new Gray-Nicolls Power Batting Pads, ideal for junior cricketers starting to face the hardball for the first time. Featuring a diffuser foam bolster, the pad will repel junior bowlers, giving young batter confidence that they are safe when at the crease. The cashmillon knee offers lightweight protection, allowing juniors to move around at the crease and flex freely, making batting the only thing they need to think about. A diffuser foam instep gives another layer of protect around the troublesome ankle region, making this a fantastic value-for-money product for your youngster. - Ambidextrous - Diffuser foam bolster - Cashmillon knee - Diffuser foam instep

Gray Nicolls Royal Crown 2 Star Cricket Ball

The Crown 2 Star Cricket ball is hand stitched, just like every other ball in the Crown range. That means high-quality craftsmanship which ensures fantastic shape retention and long lasting performance. The core of the ball is made from recycled cork and rubber. This keeps the ball hard after lots of action, using material that doesn't compromise the price of the ball itself.Our Crown 2 Star ball uses Pakistani leather which is fantastic quality for junior cricket. The ball is finished with a durable lacquer, further improving the lifespan of the ball. - Ideal for junior cricket, friendly adult cricket or club net sessions - Hand stitched ball with high-quality thread - Core made from recycled cork and rubber, perfectly durable for the appropriate level of play - Pakistani leather 2nd butt will retain hardness for longer - Durable, lightly lacquered finish to help the ball maintain its feel and shine

Gray Nicolls Shield 2pc Cricket Ball

Indian made leather 2 piece ball. Ideal; for practice/training and lower grade cricket. - Selected grade leather for match use - Two piece construction - Cork and rubber moulded centre - Hand stitched