Three rhinos are poached every day in South Africa. If we’re going to save them, we will have to act now. Place our rhino in safe hands by supporting Rhino Cricket and the Boucher Legacy today


In 2017, 1028 rhinos were killed for their horns. In 2018 we lost 769 of these beautiful and gentle giants to the horror of poaching. As humans and citizens of the world, we have the power to protect our rhinos. For the sake of our planet, our children and the survival of the rhino species, it’s critical that we act now.

3 Key Pillars of the Boucher Legacy

Headed up by former South African cricketer Mark Boucher, the Boucher Legacy was founded in 2012 when Mark retired from international cricket and turned his passion and commitment to wildlife conservation. The Boucher Legacy comprises of three key pillars, namely Prosecution, Conservation and Education.

But we can’t do it without YOU

All of our initiatives, from obtaining and listing each rhino’s unique DNA to educating people to dispel the terrible myths surrounding rhino horn, come at great levels of investment. The Boucher Legacy has big dreams and even bigger goals, but we cannot complete our work without you, our supporters who want to preserve this precious species as much as we do.

With your help, we can make a difference. Making a donation is simple, and will help us make our impact felt. Support the Boucher Legacy, and be sure to share this cause with others who share our passion. During 2019 and 2020, we aim to raise R10 Million through the Boucher Legacy. This money will be used to focus on our core pillars of rhino conservation and help us continue our journey to save the rhino, pangolin and other dwindling species from extinction at the hands of humans.

Become an agent of change

Help us to educate the world that the senseless murdering of Rhino for their horn which is made of kerotene, essentially the same as our human fingernails, is just unacceptable! We really need to stop the poaching of Rhino in Africa, the last outpost for this beautiful animal for the sake of our children’s children and future generations to follow.