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SM Charge Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves

PROFILE: High performance delivered, force stabilizer PALM: Natural rubber with pimple profile, anatomically correct flex CATCHING: ICC approved regulation, cutaway shaping to improve flex BACKHAND: Customized leather with high abrasion resistance, artistically designed with imported PU design, Play On! marked FIT: Knuckle protection to the back of hands, greater abrasion resistance and durability TRIM: High quality padded leather cuff with superior value proposition, snazzy lining

SM Mohair Cricket Socks

FEATURES AND BENEFITS - Comfortable cotton rib top - Silky soft mohair on bridge of foot - Anatomical band for arch support and stability inside shoe - Fully cushioned mohair foot for maximum absorption and protection - Flat toe seam Mohair: - Moisture management, due to the capillary nature of the fibre, mohair has natural wickability and moisture absorption. - Blister resistance: - The smooth fibres and quick drying properties of mohair reduce chaffing.   Thermally balanced: - Natural breathability and insulating properties keep your feet cool in summer and warm in winter   Odour free: - Unlike synthetic fibres, the natural breathability and smooth fibres prevent the buildĀ  up of bacteria and keep you feet feeling fresh.